Brand Rep Terms & Conditions

1. You have a public profile with active Instagram/ FB accounts. You can commit repping for us during FEB 1st 2019 – MAY 31, 2019 (4 month term)
2. Make 2 purchases during the term. (Freebies Do not count towards purchase). First purchase should be made at the start of the term.
3. Provide us with 6 High quality, well lit pictures  of the product and model using/ wearing our product. Pictures should be different than what you are posting on your account. Allow us to use the pictures on our social media and websites to promote our business. NO PHONE CAMERA PICS.
4. Post atleast 3 stories/ post each and every month till the term ends.
5. Engage on the posts,giveaways made on our social media by liking, commenting  and sharing.
6. REPOST our search (in your IG feed and stories). Let us know why you want to Rep for us! Tag us by Using hashtag #TOFBRsearch (Keep your profile PUBLIC).
1. BOGO! For your first 2 mandatory purchases. When you Buy a product we will include another product of almost equal value for FREE (of our choice)
2. Anything you purchase after 2 required purchase 30% off on the regular priced products.
3. A 15% off unique code will be provided to each rep for you to share with your Followers, Friends & Family. 
4. Chance to become our permanent Brand Rep.
Inactive Reps will be removed as soon as we figure out you don't look interested or involved like other reps.
If you are repping for any other brand, Moccs, Socks or Letter board Brand during this time, or have repped other brands in the past. Please let us know.